The Growth of NWMLS: 40 Years of Powering the Region’s Real Estate Industry

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In celebration of NWMLS’s 40th anniversary in 2024, let’s take a look at how our organization has expanded over the years with the merger of 22 MLSs to become the largest member-owned, not-for-profit multiple listing service in the region.

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Eastside Brokers Association, North End Brokers Association, South West Multiple Listing Service, and Real Estate Multiple Inc. joined forces to form the Puget Sound Multiple Listing Association (PSMLA).


Tacoma-Pierce County Association of Realtors MLS joined, expanding PSMLA’s territory throughout Pierce County. Due to PSMLA’s expanding services, the membership voted to change its name to Northwest Multiple Listing Service.


Computer MLS merged, adding Kitsap County to NWMLS’s coverage area. At this time, NWMLS was comprised of 706 member firms, with a subscriber count of 12,515.


Jefferson County Association of Realtors MLS, Lewis County Association of Realtors MLS, and North Puget Sound Association of Realtors MLS join NWMLS. This increased NWMLS’s full coverage area to eight counties, and partial coverage in Island County.


NWMLS continued to grow its southern and eastern borders, with mergers from the Mason County Association of Realtors MLS, the Cowlitz County Association of Realtors MLS, and the Moses Lake Association of Realtors MLS, and the Grant County Association of Realtors MLS.


NWMLS begins providing services in Wahkiakum County, expanding its territory to 12 counties.


The San Juan County Board of Realtors MLS, and the Whidbey Island Association of Realtors MLS join NWMLS, adding San Juan County and the remaining portion of Island County.


Kittitas County Association of Realtors MLS joins, expanding NWMLS to 15 counties in Washington state, providing services to more than 1,300 member firms, and more than 15,000 subscribers.


The Bellingham/Whatcom County Multiple Listing Service and brokerage firms in Okanogan County join NWMLS, expanding the coverage area to 17 counties.


Brokerage firms in Pacific County and parts of Clark County, joined NWMLS.


The Olympic Multiple Listing Service, in Thurston County joins. 2,300 real estate firms with more than 25,000 subscribers are now a part of NWMLS.


Brokerage firms in North Washington joined NWMLS, adding Ferry County and along with brokerage firms in Clallam County, adding Clallam County.


Lake Chelan Brokers Cooperative joins NWMLS, further expanding its services to Central Washington brokerage members.


Walla Walla Association of Realtors MLS joined NWMLS, adding services for Columbia, Walla Walla, and for the first time ever, coverage in Oregon for Umatilla County.


North Central Washington Association of Realtors MLS joined NWMLS, adding the remaining portion of Douglas County to its service area.


NWMLS’s primary services area extends across 26 counties, and also provides MLS services to some brokerage firms in many other counties throughout the Pacific Northwest.

Thanks to its member firms’ feedback and participation, NWMLS has continued to enhance its product offerings, training opportunities, and member services over the last 40 years. Throughout 2024, we’ll be taking a look back at the evolution of the real estate industry, while always focusing on the future.

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