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Housing Hotspots: Listing Data & Market Trends

Have you ever wondered which locations have the most expensive homes, least expensive homes, or the highest number of sales? NWMLS brokers have answers! We’ve put together some interesting trends found by searching in the NWMLS database (which contains hundreds of thousands of listings dating back to the 1990s). Most [..]

May 23, 2024


The History of Comparative Market Analysis (CMA): 40 Years of Powering the Region’s Real Estate Industry

As NWMLS celebrates our 40th Anniversary in 2024, let’s take a look back at how comparative market analysis (CMA) has evolved over the last four decades. Did You Know? A comparative market analysis (CMA) estimates a home’s price based on recently sold, similar properties in the immediate area. Brokers create [..]

May 17, 2024


Powerful Comparative Market Analysis (CMA) Tools Available to NWMLS Brokers

NWMLS provides our member real estate brokers with a variety of advanced tools to help them in their day-to-day business. These tools make it easy for NWMLS brokers to quickly find comparable properties and create professional market analysis presentations to show their real estate expertise. Matrix, the NWMLS listing database, [..]

May 9, 2024


Introducing the OneHome Portal

OneHome™ is a secure communications portal that allows you to view the most current and accurate property details, browse listing photos, and check out both street and satellite views. OneHome always displays the most accurate and current listing information, as the data comes directly from Northwest MLS. The robust, intuitive [..]

April 25, 2024


Top 20 Unique Home Features

Sometimes, finding the perfect home can feel like searching for a needle in a haystack! If you are a budding musician looking for a home with a recording studio, or would love a heated driveway so you never have to shovel snow again, NWMLS brokers have advanced searching tools to [..]

April 18, 2024


A 40 Year Evolution of NWMLS Keys & Keyboxes

Since its inception in 1984, NWMLS has provided our membership with the most advanced technology to safely and securely access listed properties. Let’s take a walk through the last four decades to reminisce about the evolution of NWMLS’s real estate keys and keybox technology. Fun Fact: The first real estate [..]

April 12, 2024


The History of Searching for Listings: 40 Years of Powering the Region’s Real Estate Industry

As NWMLS celebrates our 40th Anniversary in 2024, let’s take a look back at the evolution of how brokers advertised and searched for listings for their clients over the last four decades. Prior to the 1980s Before a database was available, MLS staff gathered paper copies of listing input sheets [..]

March 15, 2024


Going Green in the Pacific Northwest

In the last three years, Northwest MLS brokers have sold more than 3,300 residential homes and condominiums that were “green certified.” What is “Green Certified”? Green certification is an endorsement given to homes that are built to meet specific environmental sustainability criteria, such as resource efficiency, energy conservation, and waste [..]

March 7, 2024


The Growth of NWMLS: 40 Years of Powering the Region’s Real Estate Industry

In celebration of NWMLS’s 40th anniversary in 2024, let’s take a look at how our organization has expanded over the years with the merger of 22 MLSs to become the largest member-owned, not-for-profit multiple listing service in the region. 1984 Eastside Brokers Association, North End Brokers Association, South West Multiple [..]

February 9, 2024


Homes with Accessory Dwelling Units (ADUs): NWMLS 2023 Listing Data & Market Trends

An accessory dwelling unit, also known as an ADU, is a secondary residential living space on the same lot as a single-family home. It can be attached to the primary residence or it can be completely detached, referred to as a DADU in some areas.   To be considered an [..]

January 25, 2024

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