Firm Membership

Member firms benefit from advanced tools, services, and support designed to help brokers effectively manage firms of all sizes.

Become a Firm Member:

  1. Complete Form 104 Application for Membership, signed by all interested owners.
  2. Gather copies of your real estate license documents:
    • Copy of Washington State Master Business License
    • Copy of Washington State Real Estate Firm License (Interim acceptable)
    • Copy of Washington State Designated Broker’s License
  3. Contact us to schedule your New Member Orientation

New Subscriber Membership

Newly licensed real estate brokers can become Subscribers by joining a NWMLS member firm.

  1. Contact a NWMLS Managing Broker
  2. Your new firm will add you as a NWMLS Subscriber
  3. NWMLS will assign you a LAG (Listing Agent) number and email you step-by-step instructions for gaining access to our member website and leasing a keybox key.

Appraiser Membership

NWMLS offers appraisers full access to the Matrix MLS System and the Realist Property Records Database. Appraisers can also access online training and publications and register for classes.

Become a Firm Member:

  1. Complete Form 106 Application for Membership
  2. Gather copies of the required licenses:
    • Copy of Washington State Master Business License
    • Copy of Washington State Appraiser License
  3. Email the documents to

Please allow one business day for our Membership Department to contact you regarding membership fees and payment

NWMLS Statewide Forms Only Service

NWMLS Statewide Forms (Xpress Forms) are the industry standard statewide forms in Washington, created as a partner project between NWMLS, Washington REALTORS® and the Spokane MLS. If your firm is not a member of NWMLS, you can register for the Statewide Forms Only service to access and use Xpress Forms. Your real estate firm must be a member of Washington REALTORS® to register for Statewide Forms Only service. Please note – if you are a member of NWMLS, you do not need to register for Statewide Forms as it is included in your membership, login to access NWMLS Statewide Forms.

Access Statewide Forms:

  1. Review the Statewide Forms Rules
  2. Complete the following enrollment forms:
  3. Submit the completed enrollment forms with payment:
  4. After your initial subscription, submit Form 122SWF and Form 80SWF for each new participant within your firm. Form 122SWF is also used to remove participants from your firm.

By Email (fastest service)

Please fill in the credit card information on the enrollment form before submitting. If you would like to pay by check, please mail in your forms.

Email the completed enrollment forms with credit card information to:

By Mail
Pay by check only.
Write the check number on the form and mail the completed enrollment forms with your check.

Mail to: Membership – Xpress Forms Service, NWMLS
11430 NE 120th St., Kirkland, WA 98034

Your account information and instructions for accessing NWMLS Statewide Forms (Xpress Forms) will be emailed to you by our Membership Department. Please contact us with any questions.

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