Market Snapshot

Real Estate Market – Market Snapshot September 2023

September 2023 Overview

These interactive charts help visualize important year-over-year real estate statistics such as the number of active listings, new listings entered during the month, pending sales, closed sales, and months of inventory. You can access data for individual counties by using the drop-down filter menu. You may download and share or publish these charts and infographics with appropriate attribution.

Active Listings

New Listings

Pending Sales

Closed Sales

Months of Inventory

Median Price

View Historical Real Estate Statistics.

Get granular on real estate statistics with interactive charts encompassing the length of active, new, and additional metrics.

Usage Terms

You may share and republish NWMLS’s Market Snapshot Video, interactive charts, and infographics on websites, blogs, and social media. Any use of NWMLS’s statistical charts or infographics must include the logo that is displayed on the graphics and the following attribution: “Information and statistics compiled and reported by the Northwest Multiple Listing Service.” You may not alter or otherwise modify NWMLS’s Market Snapshot Video, interactive charts, and infographics. Derivatives of NWMLS’s housing marketing statistics may not be published, broadcast, rewritten or redistributed without prior written permission.

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