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Web app tracks Seattle’s proposed and permitted projects

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Describing their creation as a “modern alternative to the Notice of Proposed Land Use boards” found at construction sites, the founder of Seattle in Progress, Ethan Phelps-Goodman, says he believes Seattle can lead the way in creating a city that is more livable, equitable and sustainable.

“We believe that the technologies that have transformed our consumer lives have vast untapped potential to transform our civic lives,” the site’s creator proclaims.

Both free and paid versions of Seattle in Progress are available.

The free desktop and mobile web apps track what is being built in Seattle. Users can find both proposed and under construction projects, view 3D architectural renderings, and learn how to help shape development in their neighborhood. A calendar lists upcoming design review meetings.

Subscribers to the more robust SaaS product have 24/7 access to a comprehensive, searchable database that is updated nightly. It covers both proposed and permitted commercial and residential construction from the first day of permit application until construction is completed. Projects in the pipeline can be searched by type, size, permitting status, architect, developer, and other criteria. Along with monitoring, a subscription includes analytics.

Phelps-Goodman is a software developer, data scientist, and civic organizer. His experience spans the tech industry, nonprofits, government entities, and academia.  

Goodman is also the founder of Tech 4 Housing, a nonprofit education and advocacy group that engages the tech sector on housing and homelessness. “We are a community of tech workers who believe that the tech boom can and should benefit every resident,” he states on the group’s website.

Phelps-Goodman’s Tech 4 Housing group is “open to anyone in the tech community who wants to be a part of advocating for abundant and affordable housing.”

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