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Washington voters can track their ballots using online tools

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Voters in King County can read about contests on their ballot, view their registration information, and track their ballots with a new tool unveiled by King County Elections system. Halei Watkins, a King County Elections spokesperson, said the goal is to ensure voter security.

King County’s tracker enables its 1.4 million voters to receive email or text alerts notifying them of their ballot status. Voter information is updated daily at midnight.

Several other counties around Washington state offer a similar way for voters to monitor when their ballot was received, accepted and counted, or if is challenged, usually due to a missing or mismatched  signature on their envelope. Voters need to sign and date their ballot envelope, which may be mailed using the prepaid envelope with their ballot or deposited in a 24-hour ballot drop box, which are located throughout the state.

Voters can register to vote in person at their county elections office during business hours and any time before 8 p.m. on Election Day (Nov. 8). The election is mail-only, but counties provide accessible voting centers for voters who need help completing their ballots.

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