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“Some Elbow Room” adds spaces for myriad uses

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Like many start-ups, the inspiration for Some Elbow Room came from a personal need. Erin and Patrick Callahan, who live in San Antonio, launched their venture after they built a small freestanding studio in their backyard to accommodate Erin’s art projects.

Their friends and neighbors loved the “stylish, functional, and comfortable suite.” Since creating the “artist’s nook,” they’ve designed a variety of styles and sizes. Current offerings include the Elbow Room “Shell,” “Studio,” and “Suite,” which range in size from 96 square feet to 300 square feet. Prices start at $9,000.

The structures are customizable for the user’s needs, and are insulated air conditioned, and wired for electricity. The Callahans and the contractors who assist them can personalize the spaces with features like porches and patios, shelving and cabinets, fixtures and doors, and skylights and windows.

“Everybody wants a place where they can relax or do something that’s important to them,” CEO Erin Callahan stated in an interview with The San Antonio Business Journal. “This is just a great product for everyone who’s just super stressed,” she added.

The couple started remodeling homes and designing custom features in 2015. Although their market focus in the San Antonio area, they will build 8×12 models and deliver it in one piece to other cities and states. They also plan to franchise the business.

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