Industry News editors release guidebook for home buyers

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First Time Home Buyers BookEditors at have released their first book, a 125-page guide for first-time home buyers.

The book, titled “The Essential First-Time Home Buyer’s Guide,” was written to help prospective homeowners navigate the home-buying process, from the search to financing and negotiating – “all with a real estate agent’s help, of course,” stated one of the authors.

Although offered on Amazon in both a Kindle and softcover format, Realtors and their clients may obtain a 25 percent discount when purchasing through the publisher’s site (BookBaby) and using the discount code REALTORBR2019 at checkout.

The book includes 13 chapters, a glossary, a list of resources and a section titled “Tips, Hacks, and Tricks to Master Your Move.”

Best-selling author Michael Corbett, an Emmy-winning real estate and lifestyle correspondent on NBC’s newsmagazine show “Extra,” called the book a “must read for any homebuyer.”  With this book, an educated home buyer can house hunt with confidence, and will save themselves thousands of dollars in the process,” he stated in his review.

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