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Northwest MLS to publish revised forms on July 11

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Northwest Multiple Listing Service will publish numerous forms on July 11, including several revised forms and six new forms.

Legal Bulletin 223, published on June 20, summarizes the changes, which include both substantive updates and minor clarifications.

The revised forms (see table) are currently available on NWMLS’s website as sample forms for review purposes only. Both clean and redline copies are available for review (not for any transactions). Many of the new forms are for use in providing notices and responses.

The forms will be published for use on TransactionDesk and Xpress Forms on July 11. A subset of the revised and new forms will be available for order in hard copy on July 5.

Summary of 2023 Forms Revisions

(refer to Legal Bulletin 223 published 6/20/2023 for summaries, explanations)

New FormsRevised FormsForms with Minor Clarifications
Notice of Low Appraisal for Form 22AA (Form 22AAN)Purchase and Sale Agreements (Form 20, 21, 23, 25, 28)Lead Based Paint Disclosures (Form 22J and Form 22J-Lease)
Notice of Appraisal Work Order (Form 22AWO)Financing Addendum (Form 22A) and related formsLand and Acreage Addendum (Form 22LA)
Well Addendum Response (Form 22RN)Buyer’s Sale of Property Contingency (Form 22B) and related formsTitle Contingency Addendum (Form 22T)
Sewer Inspection Addendum (Form 22SI)Inspection Addendum (Form 35) and related formsResale Certificates (Form 27 and 27CIC)
Notice to Second Buyer (Form 39N)Well Addendum (Form 22R)Compensation Disbursement (Form 40)
Notice of Termination (Information Verification Period) (Form 90Z)Rental Agreement (Buyer Occupancy Prior to Closing) (Form 65A)Buyer Brokerage Compensation Addendum (Form 41C)
 Rental Agreement (Seller Occupancy After Closing) (Form 65B) 
 Lease/Rental Agreement (Form 68) 
 Listing Agreements/Addenda (Form 1A, 1B, 1C, 16A, 16B, 16C, 63, 63A) 

Classes covering the forms revisions include virtual clock hour classes on July 11, July 13 and July 20 and an in-person clock hour class in Wenatchee on July 6. Members and subscribers can register via the NWMLS education portal.

Northwest MLS recommends recycling old forms to prevent any inadvertent use. Additionally, because House Bill 1070 is not effective until July 23, the revised Rental Agreement (Seller Occupancy After Closing) (Form 65B) should only be used for those owner/renter relationships that are created on or after July 23.

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