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Northwest MLS revises 28 forms

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Forms RevisionNorthwest MLS member-brokers and subscribers can now access revised forms, which were published for use on Xpress Forms and Transaction Desk on July 1. The changes, made primarily for clarification purposes, were outlined in the 5-page Legal Bulletin 21 issued in early June.

The revised forms include:

  • Listing Agreements (Form 1A and 1B)
  • Seller Disclosure Statements (Form 17 and 17C)
  • Purchase and Sale Agreements (Form 20, 21, 23, 25, and 28)
  • Financing Addendum (Form 22A)
  • Appraisal Addendum (Form 22AA)
  • Increased Down Payment for Low Appraisal Addendum (Form 22AD)
  • Notice for Increased Down Payment Addendum (Form 22ADN) – new
  • Low Appraisal Notice (Form 22AN)
  • Seller Financing Addendum (Form 22C)
  • Optional Clauses Addendum (Form 22D)
  • FIRPTA Certificate (Form 22E)
  • Evidence of Funds Addendum (Form 22EF)
  • Identification of Utilities Addendum (Form 22K)
  • Land and Acreage Addendum (Form 22LA)
  • Manufactured Home Addendum (Form 22MH)
  • Well Addendum (Form 22R)
  • Septic Addendum (Form 22S)
  • King County Septic Addendum (Form 22S-King)
  • Thurston County Septic Addendum (Form 22S-Thurston)
  • Inspection Addendum (Form 35)
  • Pre-Inspection Agreement (Form 35P)
  • Withdrawal of Offer or Counteroffer Form (Form 36A)
  • Back-Up Addendum Notice (Form 38B)
  • Buyer’s Agency/No Agency Agreement (Form 41A and 41B)
  • Rental Agreements (Form 65A and 65B)
  • Lease/Rental Agreement (Form 68)
  • Assignment of Lease/Rental Agreement (Form 69)
  • Buyer’s Pending Sale Contingency Notice (Form 90U)

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