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Northwest MLS by the numbers

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NWMLS logoNorthwest Multiple Listing Service tallied 9,662,111 total logins during 2019, with an average of 16,381 average unique logins per day. Its Transaction Desk recorded 10,624,614 daily logins with 10,622 average unique logins each day.

Those were among the statistics in the NWMLS 2019 year-end report.

The MLS also reported a 2.2% increase in membership last year, with a total of 30,464 licensed brokers in 2,424 member offices.

A few other nuggets for the 2019 summary report:

  • The Call Center fielded more than 156,000 calls.
  • NWMLS offered 1,142 in-person training classes, drawing 9,910 attendees, and provided 10,583 online self-paced classes to members and subscribers.
  • Its member interactions included 392 broadcast emails covering system updates, events, and classes, reaching a total of 1,511,280 recipients over the span of the year.
  • The MLS educational offerings included 19 new video tutorials, which were watched 68,978 times.
  • 26 new user guides were created during 2019, and 44 existing guides were edited. Collectively, the user guide library was accessed 70,507 times.

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