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Law firm offers resource of evolving Covid-19 information pertaining to real estate

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Seattle law firm Helsell Fetterman, whose practice areas include real estate, is monitoringHelsell and compiling evolving news about the impact of the Covid-19 pandemic on real estate markets. The one-stop resource includes an overview of the measures federal, local and state governments are taking to mitigate economic impacts.

The information is organized in three sections:  Effects, Mitigation, and Actions.

The section on “Effects” covers evictions, recording of property sales, court matters, permit processing, building codes, and hearings. Some information is specific to Seattle, while other material covers a broader geographic area.

Under “Mitigation” there are sub-sections on SBA loans, insurance, unemployment benefits, deferred tax payments, relief from utility bills, rent assistance, and even grocery assistance.

“Actions” are covered in the third section. It includes recommendations and considerations for employees or contractors not working from home, and for tenants.

Among the attorneys in the firm’s Real Estate, Land Use and Environmental division is Michael Spence, who serves as legal counsel to Seattle King County REALTORS® and was the recipient of that association’s 2019 “Instructor of the Year” award.

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