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Distracted driving at an all-time high

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As a REALTOR®, you’re always on the move. Showing homes to clients, hosting open houses and taking calls are all part of the job. It’s tempting to send a quick text, check your email or make a call while driving to save time – but any phone use behind the wheel puts you and other drivers in danger.

A new study by Zendrive found that phone-addicted drivers are more dangerous than drunk drivers, reports BizWomen. The study also found that distracted driving increases your risk of getting in an accident by 83 percent.

Not only is phone use while driving unsafe, it can be expensive. In Washington state, the first distracted driving ticket will cost you at least $136, and a second ticket within five years will cost at least $234. Distracted driving includes using your phone at a stoplight and in stopped traffic.

Next time you reach for your phone while driving, ask yourself if it’s worth the risk. If it’s time-sensitive and you have to text, email or make a call, find a safe place to pull over and turn your car off to conduct your business. You’ll be able to turn your full attention to the issue and get on with your day without risking a disruptive – or life-threatening – accident.

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